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It is important that health supplements and vitamins are bought from a reliable source. Ideally the product should be approved by a national authority such as the Irish Medicines Board. Some health supplements may contain stimulants or caffeine despite not having such a declaration on the label.

Creatine has been used by a number of athletes to increase muscle mass.
There have been number of varying reports on the efficacy of the product, and as to how it should be used effectively. There also has also been some debate as to the classification of creatine as a medicine or as a food substance and currently there is no product authorised as a medicinal product. There is little conclusive data on the long-term effects, on the use of creatine. There have been reports, mainly in the US, of products labelled as creatine which when tested also contained the stimulant ephedrine. Athletes should be aware of the dangers of taking any such substance.

If an athlete does decide to take creatine, it should be done under medical supervision.

Ginseng has been used for many centuries as an aid to reduce fatigue and improve concentration. Pharmaton which contains standardised extracts of Korean Ginseng is the only ginseng-containing product available in Ireland which carries a product authorisation.

Please note that there are several versions of Pharmaton products available. Care should  be taken to ensure that the version you check carries a product authorisation (PA) number on the pack. 
If in any doubt whatsoever consult your pharmacist or doctor.  

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