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Health Tips / Changes to the Prohibited List 2018

World Anti-Doping Agency announces changes to its Prohibited List for 2018


The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has issued a new Prohibited List of Substances and Methods which will come into effect from 1 January 2018. The WADA List Expert Group reviews the List annually and considers submissions from stakeholders, advancements in science and medical research, information on doping practices etc. A substance or method is added to the List if it meets two of three criteria: it is performance-enhancing, poses a danger to athletes’ health or its use is against the spirit of sport.


Changes of note to prescribers include the following in:


S2 Peptide Hormones, Growth Factors, Related Substances and Mimetics: This section has been restructured with a reclassification of many of the substances on the List.


S3 Beta-2-agonists: The dosing limit of salbutamol has been further refined to clarify that the full 24-hour dose should not be administered at one time. Inhaled salbutamol is permitted to a maximum of 1,600 µg over 24 hours in divided doses, not to exceed 800 µg over 12 hours, starting from any dose.


S5 Diuretics and Masking Agents: Glycerol has been removed from the 2018 Prohibited List.


M2 Chemical and Physical Manipulation: The permitted timing and volume of IV infusions were changed to no more than a total of 100 ml per 12-hour period to allow for greater flexibility for administration on non-prohibited therapeutic substances.


S8 Cannabidiol (available in Ireland as a food supplement; please see Sport Ireland's Supplement and Sports Food Policy) is no longer prohibited. However, cannabidiol extracted from cannabis plants may potentially also contain varying concentrations of THC, which remains a prohibited substance.


More examples are now included in the List as an aid to assist prescribers and those subject to testing, but as new substances emerge in many categories, those substances which are chemically similar or have similar biological effect(s) even though not specifically listed continue to be prohibited.


Monitoring Programme:

To detect patterns of use, the 2018 Monitoring Programme has been updated as follows: the opioid hydrocodone has been added to the programme under incompetition narcotics, while telmisartan has been removed.


Commenting on the publication of the 2018 WADA List, Dr Una May, Director of Participation and Ethics in Sport Ireland said “It is vital that anyone with a role in supporting athletes is knowledgeable of the Irish Anti-Doping Programme. MIMS is an essential part of Sport Ireland’s Anti-Doping Prevention and Information programme and provides the necessary information for medical personnel regarding WADA’s Prohibited List.”


The updates to the 2018 List will be reflected in the Sport Ireland Athlete’s wallet cards, MIMS Ireland, the Drugs in Sport Database and the Medication Checker App which allows users to access the live Eirpharm Drugs in Sport Database. More information is available from Sport Ireland at (01) 8608818, fax: (01) 8608860, website:, www. and National Governing Bodies of Sport.


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