"New!" Dermo Analyser Machine
Our highly trained Skincare Consultants now have the very latest skin diagnostic technology to analyse your skin. With up to 6 different diagnostic tests we can get a complete professional assessment of your skin. 

With this scientific data our experts can then give you the benefit of their knowledge and expertise and give you tips and recommendations on how to keep your skin healthy. 

How well do you know your skin?

The Dermo.Analyzer® uses patented technology to scan and analyse different areas of your face. 

Our professionally trained skincare advisors can use this new machine to carry out up to six diagnoses of your skin: your skin's biological age, sensitivity level, hydration, skin type and tone.

We test for:

Skin Hydration: We measure the level of water in your skin. This will also help determine which type of moisturiser will suit your skin.

Skin Type: We measure the level of shine on your face and with the results from your hydration test and a lifestyle questionnaire we can determine your skin type, from normal to combination, to oily to dry.

Skin Age: In order to calculate your skin’s biological age, we will compare your skin to 7,000 skin profiles. This will help us to recommend the most suitable products to help you slow down the signs of ageing.

Sun Sensitivity: Using your profile, we can determine how sensitive your skin is to the sun and advise you on improved protection from the sun’s harmful rays. 

Skin Sensitivity: There is not just one type of sensitive skin, there are four degrees of sensitivity and four types of reactivity. If you have sensitive skin, it is important to know the type of sensitive skin you have so you can use products that your skin won't react to.

Skin Tone: We can measure your skin tone to identify any uneven areas of pigmentation.

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