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Health Tips / Sticky Eyes

Diagnosis and Symptoms

Many infants suffer from "sticky eyes", whereby their eyes appear to be very watery and can become sticky. There is a build-up of yellowish residue around the eye, which can become caked on the eyelashes, especially after a long sleep. This is considered to be due to poorly developed tear ducts, which do not allow adequate drainage from the eye. As the child becomes older the tear ducts develop and the baby will usually "grow out" of the problem, usually by about six months.

Where the eyes become irritated, swollen or bleeding, or if there is a lot of pus, it is always recommended to consult your doctor as your child may have a more severe form of the problem or bacterial or viral conjunctivitis. As small children are very susceptible to conjunctivitis, you should consult your doctor when these symptoms are present for a complete diagnosis and treatment.

Preventative Measures 

To prevent such a problem sterile saline eye drops should be used frequently. These can liquefy the eye sections preventing the build-up of tear residues and are also used in the treatment.

Non-prescription treatments 

Regular use of sterile, saline eye drops are best at treating the problem. These should be used as frequently as required and in particular before your infant goes to sleep. Any residues of secretions which have built-up can also be removed by using the saline drops. No other over the counter, eye drops should be used unless on the recommendation of your doctor.

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