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Alcohol has been consumed by man since ancient times and is associated with celebration and good times.
In small amounts alcohol causes people to become relaxed, reduces their inhibitions and enhances their confidence.
In larger amounts alcohol depresses functions of the brain.

This section of the eirpharm site is to enable people to look at how much they drink and the effects of alcohol on their health, their finances and on their medicines.

Alcohol units were devised to help people monitor their drinking. In general, it is recommended that sensible maximum drinking limits per week is 21 units for men and 14 units for women. These have been further sub-divided into the maximum daily allowances, to account for those who consume most of their weekly allowance in one day.

Daily alcohol allowances are three to four units for men and two to three units for women.
Alcoholic drinks can be high in calories and for heavier drinkers, in particular, alcohol can add many calories in excess of your daily calorie requirements. This can lead to the development of the proverbial "beer-belly".
There are some health benefits from alcohol; research has shown that one or two units per day can reduce the risk of developing some coronary heart disease in both men over 40 and post menopausal women. However, the risk of cirrhosis, some cancers and other diseases becomes greater with increased alcohol consumption. Research has shown the number of alcohol units consumed each week can affect your Risk of mortality compared to a non-drinker.

Drink How many per week
Ale (1 Pint)
Baileys (1 measure)
Beer (1 Pint)
Gin (1 measure)
Lager (1 Pint)
Red Wine (1 Glass)
Stout (1 Pint)
Vodka (1 measure)
Whiskey (1 measure)
White Wine (dry) (1 Glass)
White Wine (sweet) (1 Glass)
Cider (1 Pint)
Stout (1 bottle)
Lager (1 longkneck bottle)
Cider (1 longkneck bottle)
Alcopops (1 bottle)
Rum (1 measure)
Brandy (1 measure)
Vermouth (1 measure)
Sherry (1 glass)
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